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Ryan Williams

Ryan is a full time guide & fly tier, best known for his re-discovering of the Float N’ Fly with the fly rod, and it’s application for still water Bass during the Winter. Ryan is also the first fly fisherman/guide to dial Clear Lake Largemouth and Crappie. He’s also been a major proponent of top-water fly fishing on CA’s public reservoirs. Ryan has 16 years of Northern California fly experience, and has been guiding for 8 years. Growing up in Vacaville CA, Ryan began fly fishing as a teenager on Putah Creek shortly after obtaining a job at Sweeney’s Fly Shop in Napa. During this time period, Ryan’s fly fishing passion began to steer in the direction of warmer-water. Stripers on the Napa & American rivers were his official introduction to the world of warm-water predators on the fly.

Ryan now resides next to Lake Oroville, guiding the Feather River for steelhead, Lower Sacramento River for trout/shad, Foothill Lakes for Bass, and Clear Lake for Bass & Crappie

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