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Welcome to Reel Anglers – where the world of fly fishing comes to life! While we may no longer have a physical storefront, our passion for the art of fly fishing has only grown stronger. This website is your gateway to a wealth of knowledge, guidance, and exciting opportunities in the realm of fly fishing.

At Reel Anglers, our focus has shifted from brick and mortar to the digital realm, allowing us to share our expertise and love for fly fishing in new and innovative ways. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a complete novice, we invite you to explore the diverse offerings that await you here.

Our virtual space is dedicated to providing top-notch guiding services, comprehensive fly fishing education, casting lessons, immersive workshops, and up-to-date fishing reports. If you’re eager to enhance your skills, embark on a guided adventure, or simply stay informed about the latest fishing conditions, you’re in the right place.

Ready to dive in? If you’re looking to book a guide trip or schedule a casting lesson, head over to our contact page. Our experienced team is here to help tailor an experience that suits your preferences and skill level.

Exciting developments are on the horizon, as we plan to introduce a selection of personally tied flies and fly tying pattern kits. Stay tuned for the chance to bring a piece of Reel Anglers craftsmanship into your own fly fishing endeavors.

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Hatch Chart

Here you’ll find the Hatch Charts for the Lower Yuba River, Truckee River, and the North Fork Yuba River.


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WATERS WE GUIDE: Lower Yuba – Feather River – Sacramento River – Truckee River – Little Truckee River – Putah Creek – California Delta…



This workshop is designed to teach you how to become a better prepared angler. I will teach you how to properly rig for each phase of…


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